Insurance / Health IT Cluster

Insurance / Health IT Cluster

Few people know that Israel is one of the global pioneers in health information technology, and that Israel’s HMOs – notably Clalit Health Services and Maccabi – helped lead this digital revolution.  This led to the implementation of electronic medical records used by almost 100 percent of the country’s population, the vast use of laboratory and imaging information systems, computerized physician order entries, and e-prescribing.Clalit Health Services was the world’s first HMO to implement a health information exchange (HIE), enabling the creation of patient files that could include data and information input from various treatment sources, such as clinics and hospitals. This has allowed for unprecedented connectivity and mobility for the 60 percent of the Israeli population currently in its system.

Israel was also one of the first countries to use telemedicine, and to introduce electronic clinical decision support systems and online indicators for medical and service quality.  Israel’s advanced communication technology industry has provided a strong base for developing and testing health IT and telemedicine solutions, and there are now over 70 companies developing products.  Israel’s technical expertise and innovation in the Health IT industry are valuable assets that can be exported to markets around the world that are far behind in the adoption and implementation of health IT.

Companies with strong U.S. connections, whose products are ready and have already been implemented in the United States include Bircon, dbMotion, eWave, iMDsoft, Irit Model Systems, and MedCPU.  Other Health IT companies include Aerotel, ASV, Cepco Health Management Systems LTD, Clinicode, Cliniworks, Commwell, Elad Solutions, Exact Cost, Matrix, Medic4all, MediLogos, Mediviz, Paradigma Systems, SHL, Vaica, and Walletex.

The Columbia Insurance Technology Services Cluster (ITS|SC) is a New Carolina cluster dedicated to promoting the Greater Columbia area’s wealth of opportunities within the insurance technology sector.

The vision of ITS|SC is to grow its 30 employers and 6,000 to 8,000 employees into the largest, most dynamic, and most competitive insurance technology cluster in the world. The ITS|SC is dedicated to accomplishing five goals in achieving its mission of helping to increase the competitiveness of insurance technology in South Carolina:

  1. Attracting and retaining high quality professionals with technical and/or insurance industry experience to the Greater Columbia area by promoting the advantages of living and working in the area
  2. Assisting insurance technology companies to identify, grow, and source local talent by collaborating with the educational and workforce development community through curriculum development, internships, and student engagement activities
  3. Creating a business and regulatory environment where insurance technology and services companies have a competitive edge by communicating the value of the industry to economic development, governmental, and higher education organizations throughout the state
  4. Supporting innovation within the industry by establishing collaborations with statewide research institutions to help companies develop more competitive products and services
  5. Promoting Columbia and South Carolina as a center of excellence in insurance technology and services to help companies attract both talent and new business opportunities

Columbia is home to a growing cluster of important entities to the insurance, technology, and services industry. The collaboration among the insurance technology cluster combined with the talent developed at the progressive research universities in South Carolina make Columbia a great place to do insurance business. Columbia is quickly becoming a talent magnet for innovative solutions providers in the insurance technology field from boutique software development firms to fortune 500 nationally recognized leaders.

It begins with talent, and it ends with a world-class cluster, where innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision collide.

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