BioMedical Cluster

BioMedical Cluster

Israel’s biomedical industry has reached a level of maturity that fuels a steady stream of new and unique therapeutic technologies. Israel is ranked as a world leader in approved bio-medical patents, is leading in the medical device arena, and has the highest civilian R&D budget/GDP.Israel’s biomedical sector includes medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, drug delivery and diagnostics.  Israel is also one of the world centers for stem cell research and technology development, and major companies in this area include Gamida Cell, Pluristem, BrainStorm and Cell Cure.  Overall, there are more than 1,100 life sciences companies in Israel, with 80 new companies created every year.  Israel’s biomedical sector is supported by a strong foundation of academic excellence, including some of the world’s leading research institutes, renowned R&D facilities and cutting-edge medical centers.Technology Transfer Organizations (TTOs) also play a major role, by connecting university or hospital-associated researchers and early stage projects with the industry.  Some of the most notable Israeli innovations that have gone to market include: Given Imaging’s PillCam (the first ingestible video camera), Argo Medical’s ReWalk (enables paralyzed people to stand, walk and climb),  and InSightec’s ExAblate (non-invasive, MRI-guided focused ultrasound).List of Israeli Companies in Biomedical Industry
The Life Sciences Cluster draws on the region’s strengths in medical, marine, agricultural and environmental sciences, and includes entities involved in processes that require biological inputs. Examples include those focused on biopharmaceuticals, biological products, gene and protein therapy, tissue engineering, genetically modified crops, medical devices and pharmaceutical manufacturing.Formerly the Palmetto Biotechnology Alliance (PBA), SC BIO is an association of individuals and organizations dedicated to growing the life science industry in South Carolina. SC BIO works on behalf of its members to expand the infrastructure, legislative, and funding requirements that help life science companies thrive. SC BIO also offers its members valuable networking opportunities that allow key players from the business, research, investment, government, and support service sectors to establish relationships. These connections help move ideas from patent to production, and take companies from start-up to success.

Lowcountry focus on Life Sciences

A confluence of medical, marine, agricultural and environmental sciences provides a rich environment for research and discovery. Greater Charleston is home to numerous bioscience and technology companies involved in everything from research & development to manufacturing. Learn more about Biosciences from partners at SC Bio &  Charleston Regional Development Alliance

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